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Friday, July 27, 2012

Crisis in a nanosecond

This morning I was reminded that a crisis can happen in a mere nanosecond.

I went out on the front porch to bring Lauren's bike closer to the front door and to fetch her helmet. With Claire in one arm I grabbed the bike with the other and swung it around and placed it near the stairs so I could easily carry it down when we were ready to go off to daycare.

In the next moment I walked back inside and noticed that Claire had a grimace on her face and lots of  drool around her mouth. None of these two conditions is unusual and she wasn't crying so thought nothing of it. The next moment I'm down on my knees rummaging through my bag to look for my keys when I notice a wet flower petal on the floor beside me.

My brain does a quick calculation: grimace + drool + wet petal on the floor = baby swiped one of the flowers from the hanging basket next to the bike and put it in her mouth.

Zut alors!!!

I pried open Claire's mouth as best I could to see if there was anything else in there, then ran over to the sink to wash out whatever residue might be leftover. It seems as though she just got it in her mouth and rolled it over a few times before her tongue pushed it out. Thank goodness. The petal has the same texture as grape skin so she could have very easily choked had her tongue pushed it back rather than forward. Crisis averted, but still too close.

My heart pounds at the thought of how fast it all happened. Claire's hands are like octopus tentacles right now - they're in all directions all the time so I need to be EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA aware of what's within grabbing range.

It's been an hour and a half since the incident and she seems fine, snoozing peacefully as she usually does at this time. Phew!!