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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Upgrade 10.6.3

I'll be upgrading the OS of this computer soon. Right now it's running OS X 10.4.11 which is 6 years old. Which is ancient.

C and I don't usually get around to upgrading the computer until things stop working. All we really use it for these days is web surfing, email, word processing and image making. C mentioned months ago that he couldn't get itunes on his ipod, and I haven't been able to download anything onto my Kobo. The latest thing that we can't access anymore becuase of the outdated system is Skype.  So yeah, time to upgrade.

I called apple to find out what we can still get from this computer. Turns out that 2 MB of ram and Snow Leopard will give us about a year or so of use before we'll need to seriously consider a new computer. I thought I was the last  person on earth to be upgrading by many years, but the tech guy I spoke to had done the exact same upgrade just last year. We're not that far behind after all.

So, $29 for the OS plus $50 for the RAM plus $130 for the backup drive. Some money, but still less than a brand new computer, so we're all set to go. Fingers crossed that the upgrade goes smoothly!