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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rough morning

It was a rough morning for Lauren.

She started crying at breakfast and continued for the full hour it took to finish getting ready for the day  and while I dropped her off at daycare.

She tried her best to explain her sadness - the gist of it being that she misses the preschool classroom and finds the kindergarten class "boring". She also misses being home with me and Claire. Poor baby. I shed a few tears too when she told me that last bit.

She has had so many changes in her life lately that I understand the breakdown. Not only is there a new person in the family (which is a huge change at home), but she went from being full time at daycare to part time for 3 months when all 4 of us were home, to full time again now, to graduating to a new classroom where the expectations from the kids are more. She still sees her old teachers and friends in the playground, and is even reunited with friends who graduated last year, but this didn't help her feel better this morning.

It was really tempting to let her stay home with me today, but I know this won't help her to deal with tough situations in the long run. This was a tough lesson for both of us.

Today was scheduled to be a fun day for the kids with a trip to the splash pad and picnic. I'm hoping to hear that it was indeed a fun day.