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Monday, September 3, 2012

Never a dull moment

Phew, I'm tired.

Grandma B left today after spending a week long visit with us. Yesterday was a visit from Auntie B and the cousins, and the day before that was an afternoon in Oakville for cousin K's birthday BBQ.

The weekend before that was a brief visit from Auntie & Uncle T & JP & cousin C from Montreal. Before that was the annual weekend trip to the yurt. Before that was a sleepover at Auntie C's and cousin C' birthday party. Before that was the weekend trip to Niagara Falls.

Next weekend is a birthday party in the park and the weekend after that is a birthday party immediately followed by a backyard BBQ which was postponed from 3 weeks ago. And sometime in between, or after, we have to find time for grandma M to come for a visit.

Today I rest. Claire is taking a nap and Lauren is playing "raffle ticket show" and C is getting ready for a run. C and I are both too tired to cook food so we're just grazing off of leftovers whenever hunger strikes. Dinner will be leftover sushi, pizza, quiche and salad.

When I can muster up the energy I'll get Lauren in the bath so I can wash her hair, and before you know it, we'll all be getting ready for bed. Can't wait!