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Monday, August 13, 2012

Claire's hair

Claire has fuzzy hair. Already.

A month or two ago people would give Claire a once over and say "what's up with her hair?" It was  never said in a mean or distasteful tone, just endearing curiosity. Still, I never understood the question because it looked like normal baby hair to me - wispy and sparse. It's brown with a slight red/orange tint depending on the light. I'm up close and personal with Claire all day every day so I'm blind to her quirks.

Since then I've been observing her hair. I can't explain the colour although there is Scottish and Irish ancestry on the much older branches of the family tree. As for the style, well, crazy is as crazy does. Lets just say that the family tree has seen a lot of it.

There's a tuft of growth at the top of Claire's head with a fringe around the base and not much in between. It's not growing in a uniform way but rather in segments. In profile it looks like she has a mohawk. It's pretty cute and indeed unusual so I can see now why people comment.

Over the summer her hair has gotten even wispier up top and around the sides. I wonder how crazy it's going to be in a few more months when it really fills in. Wouldn't it be funny if it eventually went straight? Stranger things have happened!