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Monday, September 3, 2012

Going white

The white hairs are sprouting fast and furious.

For years one or two would come up every so often from one particular spot at the top and to the left of my head. I would simply pluck them out until the next few came along. In the past year they've been venturing into new territory and at a faster pace than I can pluck.

Obviously this is common for people in their mid thirties, and of course I've noticed the whites showing on the heads of my peers, but it doesn't make it any easier for me to get used to. I still feel like a spry 20 something year old after all - just a lot busier and with two young kids, and probably a tad more stressed (which would account for the whites in the first place). And wasn't I just 20 something yesterday? Where did the time go?

Ah well, whattamIgonnado, eh?! I could dye, but once I start, I would think that it'd be hard to stop. I've never coloured my hair before (even for fun) and when/if I stopped, the change from colour to however further along my hair has gone white would be even more drastic  and probably shocking.

That said I think I'll let it be, and try get used to the change gradually. And I'll try and be graceful as I grow old.