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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lauren's hair

I'm procrastinatng over Lauren's hair.

My plan for yesterday was to give it a good wash, soak it in conditioner and comb out as many knots as possible. For the remaining knots and matted areas I was going to snip them out and trim back the rest of her hair. Of course that didn't happen because the day got away from us as it usually does on a lazy holiday. I chose relaxing over labouring.

Dealing with Lauren's hair is not easy even on a good day, so I drag my feet about it. We knew before she was born that she would inherit some wacky do, and she did. It's thick and curly and frizzy and gets knotted and matted in her sleep.  There is usually a lot of screaming when I take out or put in the hair elastics, and untangling knots is even more traumatic. I've come to realize that it's not worth the struggle, so I do minimal maintenance now and will resume a more thorough routine when she's a bit older and can tolerate the fussing.

A few weeks ago one of the daycare teachers suggested she get a trim when school starts because it never fails that  there's an outbreak of lice with the school age group. Now that Lauren is officially school aged and mingling more with the older kids, her chances are greater of getting it. Pulling nits out of her hair, of all hair, would not be pleasant. At all.

Fortunately she likes having it pulled into ponytails with clips and hairbands, so I think that should help. My sister also passed on some advice from the "lice nurse" suggesting that hairspray helps keeps lice away.

For now, fingers crossed that they do stay away.