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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The tummy speaks again

It's routine on weekend mornings for Lauren to call out from her bedroom to let C and I know that she's awake. This morning after I lifted her from her bed her stomach let out a little gurgle.

In response to the gurgle Lauren said, "My tummy said, 'Hi, I  am hungry and  I want Cheerios'". "Oh!", I replied. "Ok, let's go to my bedroom first for a bit then we'll go downstairs for breakfast."

This isn't the first time the tummy has spoken, and I'm not sure why she sometimes refers to it in the 3rd person, but it's pretty darn cute.

C and I are always still groggy when Lauren wakes up, but we can usually squeeze in a light snooze while she flops around on our bed for a while or reads her books. If we're lucky she'll fall asleep again. This morning we weren't so lucky and I was coerced into a game of -"The lion is coming we have to hide under the blanket!"

So we spent several minutes hiding from the lion and were having a jolly old time when Lauren suddenly declared loudly, "I AM HUNGRY!! I WANT CHEERIOS!!"

Oops. Grogginess got the better of me and I forgot that the tummy had very politely asked for Cheerios a while ago. Experience has taught me that when Lauren is hungry it's best to get some food in her fast otherwise a meltdown is sure to follow. And that really ain't so cute, especially on a Sunday morning.