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Friday, August 3, 2012

Toronto the good

This entry is in thanks to the dozen or so people that helped me during my journey this week with the girls on the TTC from home to Union Station and back.

I'm not stressed about packing us up and getting to where we need to go on public transit. Claire is easy enough to manage now and Lauren is usually pleased with the adventure and behaves well, as we don't take transit all too often these days.

I'm also really good about packing. I keep just the right amount of transit fare in a pocket that's easy to access and carry just enough snacks and chewy toys and diaper gear to keep the girls happy but not weigh me down.

On this latest trip I packed all I needed into Lauren's pink ballerina knapsack and carried it on my back. Claire was strapped into the Snugli on my front. I was anticipating lots of walking at our destination so I opted to bring along the small stroller for Lauren to use if she got tired. I didn't let her sit in it on the bus or subway because it takes up too much room. So with Lauren holding on to one of my hands and me pushing the folded up stroller in the other, I must have looked like a woman with her hands full - to say the least.

I was comfortable, but still there was no hesitation from people offering up seats or finding empty seats for us.  Doors were opened for us and one gentleman on the subway offered to hold the stroller for me just to lighten my load.

For all the grouchy,  rude and crazy behaviour I've witnessed on transit in the past, this sort of kindness restores my faith that there is a lot of good in the city.