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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The non cold

Just when I was taking notice that I have not been sick with anything for the past two months, I got a sore throat on Tuesday. Booooo...

It started with a strange sensation in my throat in Sunday, which I ignored. Monday was good, but on Tuesday there was definite irritation. I've been taking Oregano drops, gulping spoonfull sof honey and lathering Vicks on my nose and around my chest for the past few nights, which has helped, but today my nose has started to drip. It's evolving.

The thing about this cold is that it's so mild. I've had some doozeys in the past year, but this one is just present enough to be annoying. A little sore throat here, a little nasal drip there, a tiny bit of fatigue all around, but really not al lthat bad. Like I said, just annoying. I suppose this better than the full-blown variety.

Anyhoo... I'm hoping it will be short lived. I'd like to enjoy the upcoming weekend rather than spend it in bed.