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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


C and I made an emergency trip to Futureshop this weekend to buy a new printer. We needed to print a parking pass and we already asked the neighbough last weekend. The old one suffered an ink leak and I have no idea how to clean it up, nor the patience or time to figure it out.

I suspect that the last time I got the cartridge refilled it wasn't closed properly, or I didn't install it properly and cyan blue got into the cartridge area and messed up the other cartridges.

Turns out that a brand new printer that comes with brand new ink cartridges costs less that a full pack of new cartridge replacements for the old printer. I actually knew that already, but somehow it  took this long to get ourselves over to Futureshop. We're a bit lazy when it comes to electronic upgrades.

And since we were there we picked up a new keyboard too. The old one had a few sticky keys - I suspect because of the tea spill incident a few months back. This new one is super slim and super quiet. No more need to type quietly so as not  to wake Lauren in the next room.

With all these new peripherals, our 4 year old computer is suddenly looking ancient. Never mind though. The last thing I want to spend more money on right now is a new computer, so fingers crossed that it keeps on keeping on.