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Friday, October 15, 2010

HVAC guy continued. And other stuff

My favourite HVAC guy came today to replace the furnace ventor motor. He had metioned last year that it sounded loud (which it did) and finally made a call to the manufacturer during his last check-up to see if it was still under warranty. Luckily it is was (until December of this year), so all we paid for was labour.

He managed to do the job in half an hour (half the original estimated time) so in the end we paid $45.  Yay! And what a difference. C turned on the furnace after dinner and I could barely hear it.

I love it when home service maintenance calls go as planned.

C also made an appointment to get our eaves checked out. The one running along the side of the house is leaking in a major way so we'd like to get it patched up before winter. Seems like the neighbour would like it too. I can't blame them as I'm sure they don't appreciate the puddle of standing water that accumulates between our houses after each rainfall.

Anyway, the eaves person is scheduled to come for an estimate on Monday afternoon.