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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A lesson on lectricons

This evening Lauren was trying to explain to C and I about "lectricons".

"Mom, dad, do you know about lectricons? They're very fast and they go from one place to the other."

She went on to demonstrate by scooting across the kitchen.

"Lectricons? You mean electrons?" I asked.

"Yeah, lectrons."

Then I thought, "Wow! What a great daycare progamme, the kids are learning some neat stuff these days."

"Do you know what they look like?" She asked.

Thinking back to grade 7 science class I began to answer, "Well, they're very small and-"

"Yeah, they're small and they're fast especially when they're running after gold."

"Gold?" I asked.

"Yeah, a pot of gold."

And the conversation suddenly became way less complicated than what I thought I was getting into.

"Ooooohhh!! You mean leprechauns!

"Yeah, lepritons... lectrons... lectricons..."

With a bit more practice she may have it sorted out by St. Patrick's Day.