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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tune up

I finally brought my bike to the shop for repairs this afternoon. I meant to have it tuned up weeks ago, but the place where I bought it is across town from home and not convenient to get to. Also, they were already backed up for 2 weeks when I called in April.

The rear gear switch broke on me yesterday and the back brake has been worn out of weeks. The front brakes are just about gone too so I figured it was time to give it some love bfore I get into an accident.

Poor bike. I feel guilty about not tending to the issues sooner. I should have taken the front reflector popping off (when was that, last month?) as a cry for attention. I accidentally knocked off the bell weeks ago too, but was able to fasten on a new one easily enough on my own. Still, I think the bike knows when it's in the hands of professionals.

The bike repair guy asked if I mounted the bike baskte by myself. I guess it's obvious to someone who knows what they're doing, when a job hasn't been done quite right. Sigh...

I was going to attened a bike repair workshop taking place at the library this coming Saturday, but a family BBQ has shoved that plan aside. It's just as well though, as I believe the bike being in the shop is the best place for it right now. I'll find another repair workshop another time. And I won't wait so long for a a tune up next time either.  I think the trick is to schedule an appointment in March. That would put me ahead of the pack.