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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Goodbye Sally the Sentra

Today we said goodbye to Sally. She was a tough 'ol gal who saw us safely through many adventures including camping at Sanbanks, fireworks gazing in Niagara Falls and pumpkin picking in the Greenbelt. Closer to home we visited friends and family, hauled groceries and made it to school and work on time.

She endured extreme weather conditions, several hours at the garage (for reasons other than standard maintenance), and the not so tidy habits of her youngest passengers.

With a dent in her hood, rust on her side, a wonky door handle, mystery rattle, coolant leak and over 304,540 KM on her odometer, we thought it best to bid her adieu. Finally.

We thank her for her service and hope to one day see her parts upcycled into something like an art sculpture, garden tools or a park bench. That would be really cool.


Got an old car that has had its last day? Consider donating it to Help the environment and people living with kidney disease across Canada.