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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Big girl bed

C and I finally got around to getting Lauren a big girl bed. When we mentioned to her weeks ago that she would get one, she was so excited she squealed. I'll never forget the look of delight on her face.

It's taken a while, what with all the weekends gone by that one of us in the house has been sick, but we finally made an effort to get ourselves to IKEA this past weekend and found something that C and I both agreed would be suitable. Surprisingly we both have very different tastes in kid beds.

It's twin size with drawers built in so we can use the extra storage for linens.  I'm hoping it will last unit she's a teen or is old enough to buy a new bed of her own. I'd be happy with either scenario.

So after we spent some money on new sheets and comforter and pillows and having the bed delivered, and spending nearly four hours building the thing, Lauren decided she didn't want to sleep in it.

For some reason it didn't fully occur to me that a new bed is a huge adjustment to a little kid. We also rearranged her room a bit to accommodate this bigger piece of furniture, so of course she was apprehensive. That was Sunday night. I put her in our bed while C and I slept on the pull out couch inthe office. She slept like a baby.

Last night I slept with her (as I promised I would to keep her company) and got no sleep at all. She fell out of the bed once and a short while after that I caught her just as half her body was sliding over the edge.  For the rest of the night she tossed and turned and hogged the sheets and actually asked me to "move over to give me more space", as I lay on my side on the very edge of the mattress.

Tonight she lasted about a half hour on her own before she finally cried out. Maybe I'm giving in too soon, but I'm too tired to push back. Right now she's in our bed again alone, sleeping soundly as I prepare to pull out the couch.